Over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the compressed air industry

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Compressed Air Spares

Southern Air Systems Ltd are experts in locating spares, working in partnership with various suppliers and manufactures, we can locate that part!


We have always strived to maintain compressors; even old compressors can provide good reliable air and we will always provide you with the best economical and professional advice.


Our leading expert technical advisors will do their part to make sure that your machine doesn’t reach and early demise, with countless years of experience and wealth of knowledge your compressor couldn’t be in better hands!

Please contact our office directly and we can put you in touch with our Spares Dept where we will work in partnership with the technical dept to ensure you find what you are after*.

*Please note, spares are not always available from the Trade Counter, we work in connection with hundreds of suppliers to provide parts, these are subject to various delivery lead times and charges.

Date Pale fittings

If you are indeed looking for spares, speak to us.


For us to provide the best possible experience for you, please see the below list of things you can do to help narrow down your enquiry.


• Photo (Best way for us to visualise a part or seek alternatives)

• Machine Details (Make, Model, Serial Number, Year of Manufacture)

• Description of the Part

• Part Number (If applicable)

• Brand of the Part

• Information on issues (Great if you can’t locate what is exactly causing the issue)

Here is an example of the information you can

find on your compressor. This is the best

way we can find what it is you need.

For spares: Ask to speak to Chris

For Technical Support: Ask to speak to Jamie or Kevin.