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Pipework and installation

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Galvanised Pipework and installation

Southern Air Systems offer a free consultation visit to discuss, design and quote for the ideal pipe system for your business.


Whether it's a galvanised or aluminium pipe system, we will ensure that the best pipe route and correct sized pipe is chosen.


Galvanised pipe installations from ½" - 3 inch BSP and aluminium pipe from 20mm - 63mm offers a wide range to choose from.


No pipe job too big or small, we'll be happy to take the work on.


Example of installations ...

Langmead install 2

This customers main compressor was an ALUP SCK52-8, a 37kW compressor that was energy audited and

found to be wasting over £14,500 a year in electricity!!! Their standby compressor was opted to be replaced with

an ALUP Allegro 15 plus variable speed machine, which has a 15kW motor.

Langmead install 1

We hired in a HIAB especially for this installation. The operators strapped the old standby compressor securely and began to hoist the machine out of the plant room, which had too many obsticles to allow for fork truck or pallet truck removal

Once we negotiated the compressor out of the plant room, it was time to go up and out!

Langmead install 3

A long way up!!!!

Langmead install 4

The HIAB operators successfully raised the old compressor up and over the chillers and down onto the floor safely

Langmead install 6

With the old compressor down, the new compressor

was strapped and ready to be hoisted back into the plant room

Langmead install 7

The new compressor needed negotiating over the chillers

Langmead install 8

The HIAB operators carefully lowered down between

the chiller and plant room which was an awkward

angle to reach, but they did it successfully, the removal and relocation took approximately fifteen minutes!!!

Langmead install 10

The ALUP Allegro 15 is now operating and is

saving the customer over £14,500 per annum in energy costs, the new compressor is working at around 30% of its output, this is compared to the full load terminal power of 45kW and idle power of 11kW the old ALUP was consuming!!


After 800 hours of operation, the ALUP has spent 74% of this time within the 20 - 40% output bracket and 25% of the 800 hours running at 40 - 60%


AAH hero pipe Aluminium pipe Galvanised pipe 2 Galv tee Aluminium elbow Aluminium joiner Aluminium tee f-21-15-7877647_VwlweBCx_Ball_valve Galv nipple Galv red bush Galv pipe 2 Aluminium fittings Galv union Aluminium fitting 2 Aluminium fitting 4 Aluminium fitting 3 Aegina 1

A precision engineering customer in Havant had three Atlas Copco GA15 compressors on a duty lead/lag and standby rotation. We carried out an energy audit and found that the production demand was slightly over the output of one GA15, causing the second compressor to operate 'off load' for the majority of the day. The iitrak energy auditing device that carried out the energy audit showed that the customer was wasting over £6,500 per year in electricity! The ABAC Genesis 22i variable speed compressor was recommended, the customer decided they wanted to purchase two and completely remove the old Atlas Copco machines!!

The old units were removed on a Friday afternoon when production ceased along with all of the old galvanised pipe, refrigeration dryer, air receiver and filters!


We had to coordinate with their electricians and on site fork lift driver to remove the old equipment and locate the new plant into place


Our engineers installed new aluminium pipe inside the compressor plant room

Aegina 2

The first compressor was successfully

located into place and wired in by the electrician, our engineers connected it to the new aluminium pipe system with a purpose made hydraulic hose.


A quick release coupling was also provided within the plant room so that the engineer can conveniently blow our coolers, filter mats and the inverter during service visits.


The ABAC Genesis 22i was then initialised into the new system and left to provide air to production over the weekend


Due to a lack of storage space at our customers premises, we arranged for the second compressor to be delivered on the following Monday. The very next day we installed the ABAC Genesis 22i into location and began the set up to allow one compressor to operate as the main compressor and the other to be the standby


The electronic controller is equipped with two set points, this will allow the customer to alternate the demand on each compressor weekly or monthly.

Aegina 4

The customer will now save over £6,500 per year which will recoup the outlay on the equipment in just over three years!!!

Aegina 3 Murray Equipment

A small aluminium pipe installation in

Arundal West Sussex


BOGE compressor installation

We installed a BOGE C15LDR into a customer on the Dorset and Wiltshire border who already owned Boge compressors. They were interested in the 11kW direct drive model with a mounted refrigeration dryer and air receiver.


Already acustomed with the Boge product they very quickly placed an order and they are currently running the C15LDR in the new building they recently erected

Boge C7DR

This C7DR was installed into a boatyard near West Wittering where it will provide compressed air to a new spray booth. We also includes a triple stage breathing air filter which will ensure a better air quality is achieved.




Engineering firm in Yately

benefits from ALUP Allegro

Savings replacing their old Atlas Copco GA