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Compressed air filtration

The quality of air supplied to your equipment can be crucial, and the advice that you’re provided must be accurate.


Our sales team understand the importance of this and can offer filtration to the ISO 8573-1 air quality classification best suited to you.


Oil and water entering into the air system can cause damage to air tools, control valves and pneumatic cylinders. Vehicle sprayers will have problems with their finish and if the staff are breathing the air, the user can experience medical problems. This is why filtration should be considered, not ignored!


Rest assured that we’ll provide the right information to ensure the best air quality is achieved.


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Compressed air condensate management

If you have filtration on your compressed air system then you will be producing waste condensate. Waste condensate is the oil and water that has been removed from the air by the dryer and filters, this product once removed from the air system is not permitted to enter the drainage system or onto the floor. The hazardous waste regulations brought in July 2005 state that owners of compressed air systems must dispose of their condensate properly. For more details on the environmental regulations please see the BCAS data sheet below. A fine can be easily and affordably avoided by introducing an oil water separator device on the condensate line. Please be aware that we provide a ‘free’ oil water separator with every purchase of air compressor up to 11kW.


Please download the below Condensate Regulations document for more information:



Condensate Regulations


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Breathing air installations

B-Air 1 B-Air 2

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Providing clean breathing air is essential when working in paint spraying areas.

All employers have a duty of care to their employees to ensure that the breathing air is safe to breathe.

Compressed air used for breathing must comply with the levels of contamination permissible outlined in EN 12021.





The quality of the air supplied to breathing apparatus should be tested every 3 Months.






Our NEW test equipment is takes a set volume of air for a set period of 15 minutes.


We measure at each test point the following;


•Oxygen content

•CO (carbon monoxide ppm)

•CO2 (carbon dioxide ppm)


•Oil carryover

•Pressure, temperature and flow


On completion a full certificate is issued.




We test the quality to all international standards

Factory trained engineers

We organise the Quarterly visits – transfer the full responsibility over to us and we keep the reports for 5 years

We can test multiple test points in one day and provide instant results / certification

No disruption to production

Provides knowledge of any problem areas developing

To include within your Health and Safety Management Audits


To book your Breathing air Test or alternatively for advise on your breathing air system please contact us on...   02380644206 or jamie@southernairsystems.co.uk

Do you know the quality of the compressed air that is used for breathing air on site?

How Frequent is the testing?

How is the testing carried out?