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Hobby compressors

All ABAC reciprocating compressors are inclusive of a two year extended manufacturers warranty. The second year warranty is initialised after the first service due one year after purchase




Belt driven air compressors

If you need an air compressor, get in touch with Southern Air Systems today. Phone:

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Professional belt drive air compressors for workshops and light industrial use

Rotary screw compressors for light, medium and heavy applications with options of coupled or integral refrigeration dryer.

Industrial air compressors

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Compressed air energy audit

Introducing a variable speed compressor into your system in place of a large fixed speed compressor could save you thousands of pounds per year. Contact us for a free no obligation energy audit and quotation to see if you're wasting money


email jamie@southernairsystems.co.uk

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ABAC GENESIS, the popular choice!!!

The ABAC Genesis model is one of our most popular compressors we sell currently.


With an integral refrigeration dryer, internal filtration and all of this mounted on an air receiver, the Genesis can save on installation costs.


Simply connecting to a local electrical isolator and a point on the compressed air pipe system enables a low cost installation and saves valuable floor space.


Noise levels range from 66 - 74 dB(A) so even the shop floor is a good location!

BOGE variable speed compressor

BOGE  is our preferred variable speed machine to offer. Reliability and a good output from the air end makes the BOGE the sensible choice.  Integral refrigeration dryers are an option, with the smaller models offering the added benefit of being receiver mounted.


We can provide an energy audit of your existing equipment to investigate your current electricity usage and advise whether you could save on your energy costs by introducing a variable speed compressor in place of your fixed speed model.

Old installation

Example of a floor space saving installation

Money saving


DIY Pump air end 3

Portable and compact, the Pole Position O15 has a 1.1kW motor and is mounted on a 24 litre receiver. The pump produces 6.3cfm capacity, maximum working pressure is 8 bar.



The START O15 is oil free and produces 6.3cfm capacity. Fixed to a 6 litre air receiver with a maximum working pressure of 8 bar


The Pole Position L20 has an oil flooded pump that produces 7.8cfm capacity. This portable unit is mounted on a 24 litre receiver and has a maximum working pressure of 8 bar.


The COMPY O15 is a receiverless pump that produces 6.3cfm with a maximum working pressure of 8 bar

PRO A29B 50CM3

PRO A39B 150

PRO B7000 270 FT10 (YD)

An ideal portable option, the PRO A29B 50CM3 is mounted on a 50 litre receiver and produces 7.9cfm free air delivered (FAD). With an oil flooded pump and a 2,2kW single phase motor, the maximum working pressure is 10 bar.

Probably the most popular reciprocating model in the ABAC range, the A39B 150 is available with a single or three phase 2,2 kW motor and an oil flooded pump that produces 10.1cfm FAD. Complete mounted on a 150 litre receiver.

The PRO B7000 is the largest standard reciprocating compressor in the ABAC range. With an air flow of 33.9cfm FAD and mounted on a 270 litre receiver, this model is as close to a screw compressor output you can get with a reciprocating compressor. The motor is three phase 7,5kW and includes a star delta starter that requires wall mounting.

The complete workstation!

The Genesis has the refrigeration dryer and filters integrally built and is available with a 5,5kW up to 22kW motor. Variable speed option in 11kW or 22kW. Three options of maximum working pressure, 8, 10 or 13bar.


The ABAC Spinn is available as a flooor receiver mounted unit, also with a refrigeration dryer if required. The range includes 2,2kW up to 15kW mounted on 200, 270 or 500 litre receiver. Single phase model available within the 2,2kW range.



BOGE offer five year warranty on all of

their fixed and variable speed screw range

compressors. 7.5kW up to 200kW models

available with receiver mounted and also

integral dryer options.

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