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Southern Air Systems

ABAC/ALUP air compressor distributors, serving customers in Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and Wiltshire.

Choosing the correct air compressor isn't always simple, purchasing a compressor that is too big can produce higher future costs in electricity and servicing not to mention potential damage due to a lack of adequate use. A compressor sized too small means that you will not be able to use all of the equipment you desire. Our sales team will endeavour to supply you with a compressor that’s just right for you. We can help you with answers to questions such as:

Making your choice simple

Our business philosophy is to always provide our customers with the best value service available, this is why we pride ourselves to be working alongside customers with household names such as:

Choosing the right air compressor for your business

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Please visit our range of DIY/Hobby air compressors. They are portable, compact and tough, ideal for home and leisure use.

  • We are an experienced, authorised ABAC/ALUP distributor

  • Our staff have over 50 years of experience

  • ABAC/ALUP award winning distributors

  • Authorised ABAC/ALUP trained engineers

Southern Air Systems will always ensure you purchase the best compressor for your application.

  • Rank Hovis Flour Mills

  • Hendy Group

  • West Sussex Fire Brigade

  • Langmead Farms

  • Hampshire Constabulary

  • Prysmian Cables

  • Veolia Environmental

    To name a few.

  • Which model available best suits the application?

  • What is the required noise level?

  • What are the technical dimensions to ensure the compressor will fit into the desired locations?

  • What electrical supply is required to power the compressor?

  • What ventilation and ducting will be necessary?

  • What are the future servicing costs?

  • Is an energy audit on the existing system necessary?

  • What quality of air is required?

  • Is it best to outright buy or purchase on a finance leasing scheme?

ABAC/ALUP offer an extensive range of rotary screw models which provide many options to select from.

Most air systems demand dry/oil free air. We can advise you on the best air quality solution. We can also provide condensate management systems

Whether you need heavy or light duty air tools, we can supply the right air tool for the job through our M7 range.

Our engineers are very experienced and also ABAC/ALUP trained. Thorough servicing and getting to the bottom of any breakdown quickly is a must. Our engineers can maintain and repair all major makes and models of air compressor.


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ABAC/ALUP offer an extensive range of reciprocating models which provide many options to select from.